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Airborne (total and respirable) and settled dust levels were measured for 13 sampling days during a six-week production period in a swine nursery house. Dust samples were collected for 24 hours during each sampling day at three sampling locations along the centre alley of the test house. Outside air temperatures ranged from 14degF to 59degF (-10degC to 15degC). Total dust mass concentrations ranged from 0.62 to 2.61 mg/m3. Respirable dust mass concentrations ranged from 0.06 to 0.36 mg/m3. Dust deposition rates varied from 41.8 to173.9 mg/m2.h. Carbon dioxide concentrations ranged from 400 to 3,650 ppm. Ammonia concentration was negligible (<2 ppm by volume). No significant difference was observed among the three sampling locations in total dust mass concentration, respirable dust mass concentration, and dust deposition rate. The day-to-day variability in concentrations and in particle size distribution was large.

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KEYWORDS: year 1997, Air pollution, air quality, indoor, piggeries, animal housing, farm animal housing, dust, measuring, particles, sampling, carbon dioxide, ammonia