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This standard supersedes MPMS Chapter 5.7 and defines the testing and reporting protocols for flow measurement devices based on the detection of a pressure differential that is created by the device in a flowing stream. This protocol is designed to supply industry with a comparable description of the capabilities of these devices for the measurement of single-phase fluid flow when they are used under similar operating conditions. The objectives of this testing protocol are to:

  1. Ensure that the user of any differential pressure flow meter knows the performance characteristics of the meter over a range of Reynolds numbers as applicable or defined by tests. 
  2. Facilitate both the understanding and the introduction of new technologies.
  3. Provide a standardized vehicle for validating manufacturer's performance specifications.
  4. Provide information about relative performance characteristics of the primary elements of the differential pressure metering devices under standardized testing protocol.
  5. Quantify the uncertainty of these devices and define the operating and installation conditions for which the stated uncertainties apply.