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This part of ISO 13256 covers heating and cooling systems which are generally referred to as "water-source heat pumps." These systems generally include an indoor coil with air-moving means, a compressor, and a refrigerant-to-water or refrigerant-to-brine heat exchanger. A system may provide both heating and cooling, cooling-only, or heating-only functions.

The standard establishes performance testing and rating criteria for factory-made residential, commercial and industrial, electrically driven, mechanical-compression type, water-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps. The requirements for testing and rating contained in this part of ISO 13256 are based on the use of matched assemblies.

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Document History

  1. ASHRAE 13256-2:1998 (RA 2012)

    Standard 13256-2:1998 (RA 2012) -- Water-source heat pumps - Testing and rating for performance - Part 2: Water-to-water and brine-to-water heat pumps (ANSI/AHRI/ASHRAE ISO)

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  2. ASHRAE 13256-2:1998 Water-source Heat Pumps

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    Standard 13256-2:1998 Water-source Heat Pumps -- Testing and Rating for Performance -- Part 2: Water-to-water and Brine-to-water Heat Pumps (ANSI/ARI/ASHRAE ISO)

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