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Full Description

The purpose of this protocol is to provide guidelines for minimizing environmental contamination and human exposure for waterborne preservatives contained in pressure-treated poles. During and following treatment, waterborne preservatives may undergo chemical reactions that fix or stabilize the preservative components within the wood. This guideline will assist wood treaters in adopting treatment and handling procedures that facilitate these stabilization reactions and minimize surface exudations.

These guidelines apply to wood products pressure treated with waterborne preservatives listed in Commodity Specification D, Poles, and under the jurisdiction of AWPA Committee T-4. These guidelines should be employed in conjunction with a thorough understanding of the AWPA Use Category System Standards applicable to poles. There may be substantial differences in treatment methods for different species of wood and preservative systems. Where these guidelines may be in conflict with specific provisions of the AWPA Use Category System Standards, the Use Category System Standards take precedence.


Document History

  1. AWPA M26-23

    👀 currently

    Guidelines for Fixation/Stabilization of Waterborne Preservatives in Poles

    • Most Recent
  2. AWPA M26-17

    Guidelines For Fixation/Stabilization of Waterborne Preservatives in Poles

    • Historical Version