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Describes design diagrams and equations for ventilation jets discharged from both open and louvred outlets. These jets have initial dynamic and thermal sections (zones), a transition section, and a main section. Louvred or perforated outlets may have a formation section. Design equations for the main section of axially symmetric, linear, and radial jets are given. The effect of confinement, nonisothermality of inflow jets supplied into enclosed space, and their interaction with each other and with surfaces upon their development is shown. Peculiarities of air and thermal regimes in industrial rooms with mechanical ventilation are studied. The principle of simultaneous solution of air distribution and determination of the inflow air amount to be supplied is formulated, which allows computer-aided optimisation of air exchange set-up in ventilated spaces.

KEYWORDS: optimisation, air distribution, ventilation, jets, air jets, designing, zones, louvres, outlets, diffusers, industrial, mechanical ventilation, air change rate, air supply.