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Cooperative research was recently completed on the application of pollution prevention (P2) techniques for improved indoor air quality (IAQ). The research focused on four approaches for P2: (1) developing methods and tools that can be used by others to evaluate emissions from equipment or products, (2) developing generic P2 solutions to IAQ problems, (3) identifying high-emitting raw materials or components of products, and (4) evaluating claimed low-emitting materials. This paper is an overview of the research.

Test method guidelines for measuring emissions from office equipment were developed and then evaluated by testing four dry-process copiers in one chamber and conducting a four-laboratory evaluation using one of the copiers. For aerosol consumer products, measurement methods and models were developed that can be used to better understand aerosol behavior so that more efficacious and less toxic products can be developed.

As a generic solution for improved IAQ through P2, an innovative spray nozzle for use with precharged aerosol containers was developed and evaluated. The new design allows for the reformulation of selected aerosol consumer products using water and air in place of volatile organic compound (VOC) solvents and hydrocarbon (HC) propellants, respectively.

High-emitting components of common types of finished engineered wood products were identified by evaluating emissions at each stage of the manufacturing process. Three types of fiber panels and three coatings were then identified as potential low-emitting alternative materials.

Four types of printed circuit board laminates were evaluated to identify the lowest emitters. Results show that glass/epoxy laminates and glass/lignin-containing epoxy resin lami-nates emit fewer volatile compounds than the two paper/ phenolic resin-based laminates.

Authors: Kelly W. Leovic, Don Whitaker, Cybele Brockmann, Charlene Bayer, Paul Sojka, Ph.D., Michael Plesniak, Ph.D.
Citation: IAQ and Energy 98: Using ASHRAE Standards 62 and 90.1 Conference Papers
Keywords: October, Louisiana, 1998