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1.1 This Standard sets forth methods for both new installation and replacement installation of factory assembled windows, exterior doors, and skylights that are intended for installation in low-rise buildings and buildings used primarily for, but not limited to, residential occupancy where the windows, doors, and skylights (including window wall) are R, LC, or CW class within the application of AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440.
Note: The effectiveness, safety, and durability of installed fenestration products depend on the choice and quality of materials and design, adequate assembly, the support system, and proper installation. Improper installation of fenestration products might reduce their effectiveness, including excessive condensation; unacceptably high levels of air, water, and sound leakage; and deterioration of the wall and roof systems into which they are installed.

1.2 This Standard provides minimum requirements for the installation of fenestration products including windows, doors, and skylights. This Standard addresses issues that could compromise the performance of the fenestration product as established by testing to the requirements of AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440. Where installation methods are not specifically addressed in this Standard or in the installation instructions of the manufacturer of a fenestration product, a design professional should be consulted for a solution consistent with the intent of the minimum requirements and principles in this Standard.

1.3 Annex H introduces the issue of climate change and its associated effects on fenestration in buildings. It is anticipated that fenestration designers will need to incorporate changes in climate loads resulting from climate change into fenestration product design. It is also anticipated that adjustments will need to be made to installation detailing. Annex H provides some information on these topics for consideration by building design professionals, authorities having jurisdiction, and installers. As information on climate change evolves, so too will the requirements of this Standard. The application of this Standard requires a working knowledge of applicable federal, provincial, and local (municipal) building codes and regulations specifically concerning, but not limited to, required means of egress and requirements for safety glazing.

Document History

  1. CSA A440.4:19 (R2024)

    👀 currently

    Window, door, and skylight installation

    • Most Recent
  2. CAN/CSA A440.4-18

    Window, door, and skylight installation

    • Historical Version
  3. CAN/CSA A440.4-07 (R2016)

    Window, Door, and Skylight Installation

    • Historical Version