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Full Description

This part of IEC 61851 applies to the EV supply equipment to provide energy transfer between the supply network and electric vehicles (EVs), with a rated maximum voltage at side A of up to 1 000 V AC or up to 1 500 V DC and a rated maximum voltage at side B up to 1 500 V DC.

This document specifies the EV supply equipment of system A, system B and system C as defined in Annex AA, Annex BB and Annex CC. Other systems are under consideration.

This document provides the requirements for bidirectional power transfer (BPT) EV supply equipment for system A, with a rated maximum voltage at side A up to 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC. The requirements for reverse power transfer (RPT) and BPT for system B and system C are under consideration and are not specified in this document.

Annex DD provides information about BPT.

This document does not cover all safety aspects related to maintenance.

Requirements for systems not providing simple separation or protective separation between side A and side B are under consideration.

The requirements for digital communication between EV supply equipment and the EV to control energy transfer are defined in IEC 61851-24.

Requirements for energy transfer with an automated connection device are given in IEC 61851-23-11.

Specific requirements for EV supply equipment with multiple vehicle connectors are provided in Annex FF.

General information about energy transfer control, signalling and digital communication is provided in Annex GG.

General information on the touch current and touch impulse current is provided in Annex HH.

Requirements for EV supply equipment without current, voltage and/or power control are under consideration.

EV supply equipment in compliance with this document are not intended to provide energy transfer to a single EV with
– multiple vehicle connectors of the same EV supply equipment, or
– multiple EV supply equipment.

Requirements for such use case are under consideration.

1 Under preparation. Stage at the time of publication: IEC AFDIS 61851-23-1:2023.

NOTE Requirements for EVs mated to an EV supply equipment are specified in ISO 17409:2020. ISO 17409 will be revised to the ISO 5474 series 2.


Document History

  1. IEC 61851-23 Ed. 2.0 en:2023

    👀 currently

    Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 23: DC electric vehicle charging station

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  2. IEC 61851-23 Ed. 1.0 b:2014

    Electric vehicle conductive charging system - Part 23: DC electric vehicle charging station

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