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About This Item


Full Description

This document specifies methods to determine the mechanical integrity of filters under defined conditions that can be encountered in abnormal operating environments. It describes the test methods for filter elements, independent of any ageing procedures like pulsing, loading, temperature cycles, wet conditions or others.

The test procedure is intended for filters operating in the range of 0,24 m3/s (850 m3/h) up to 2,36 m3/s (8 500 m3/h). Filter elements with a lower efficiency than ISO T5 (ePM10) according to ISO 29461-1 are excluded.

To ensure the comparability of the test results, only new filter elements or those loaded up to 625 Pa or maximum 800 Pa according to ISO 29461-1 are tested.

This document does not describe a standardized method to measure the fractional or gravimetric efficiency. The efficiency of the filter element can be tested according to ISO 29461-1.

The performance results obtained according to this document cannot be quantitatively applied (by themselves) to predict performance in real use.