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The safety specifications given in this standard are for (a) walk-behind powered rotary tillers, and (b) hand supported cultivators. They are intended to provide safety requirements and to help ensure uniform operator environments. These specifications are intended to apply to products specifically intended as consumer products for personal use. These specifications are not intended to apply to commercial products customarily used by hired operators or to products designed primarily for agricultural purposes such as defined in ANSI/SAE J1116 or SAE J1150. They are not intended to cover tractor mounted or drawn tillers, electrically operated hand supported cultivators, and are not intended to completely cover electrical requirements.

Document History

  1. OPEI B71.8-2016

    Powered Walk-Behind Rotary Tillers and Hand-Supported Cultivators -Safety Specifications

    • Most Recent
  2. OPEI B71.8-1996 (R2005)

    👀 currently

    Outdoor Power Equipment - Walk-Behind Powered Rotary Tillers and Hand Supported Cultivators - Safety Specifications

    • Historical Version