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The growing threat to public health from unsafe water cannot be understated. Whether contamination is from lead, bacteria, or chemicals, all piping systemscan expose health risks. This document lays out the ASHRAE 188 compliance pathway for the design, construction, commissioning, management, andoperation of all piped systems. North America’s water delivery infrastructure requires significant improvements or needs to be updated. This critical needimpacts all water sources, pipes, faucets, heating and cooling systems, and fire protection systems. Over the next decade, all building water systems willrequire an ASHRAE 188 Water Management Plan that includes mapping, auditing, monitoring, and remediation for regulatory and legislativecompliance. To participate, personnel at all levels will need the appropriate training and administrative tools to initiate, implement, and validate theintegrity of their piped systems. This discussion will help all stakeholders navigate the emerging language, including ASHRAE 12, emerging technologies,and published communication relevant to securing all water-based systems. Additionally, compliance initiatives for the healthcare industry will be introducedthat will demonstrate verification techniques for proper documentation of methods.