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A new prefabricated lightweight element was designed for a strip foundation that was used on site as the base of a singlefamily house. The element was placed on the stable surface underneath the top soil layer, just 0.4 meters underneath the finished ground surface. The prefabricated element was designed to fulfill the requirements of low energy consumption required by the new Danish Building Regulations. The base of the house was cast in one working operation and completed within two working days. The element, made of expanded polystyrene boards, was designed to be handled on site by one man. A non-freezing ground was established by using outer insulation located at the outer plinth. Temperatures were measured at measurement points located at the outer plinth and onwards from these points underneath the building. In addition the soil temperature, the temperature within the concrete floor slab and outdoor temperature and outdoor relative humidity were measured.

Presented at Thermal Performance of Exterior Envelopes of Whole Buildings X – December 2007

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