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This research project is needed to develop simple methods for estimating individual load frequency distributions is of significant importance in reducing the associated costs in quantifying energy and demand savings. In addition, there is presently no widely recognized protocol to calculate the effective electric demand shifted by a cool storage system. Investigators must therefore develop custom measurement plans and analysis procedures for each project, increasing evaluation costs and diminishing quality assurance. Developing a method to determine the long term in-situ performance of thermal energy storage systems utilizing short term monitored data, will not only alleviate the current lack of such method; it will also enhance the application of the technology and all load dependent long term performance methodologies provided in ASHRAE Guideline 14P.

Principal Investigator: Jeff Haberl, Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)

Conducted: Sept. 1997 - Oct. 2000

Sponsored by: TC 6.9, Thermal Storage and TC 9.6, Systems Energy Utilization