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The goal of ASHRAE 1755-RP is to improve theunderstanding of the effects of gaseous pollution combined with higher relativehumidity, temperature, fluctuating relative humidity and electrical current onthe corrosion of copper and silver materials. Specific objectivesare:

1) Perform a detailed literature review tounderstand the importance of field variables – such as temperature, relative humidityand moisture content, air velocity, and pollutant concentration – in order toproperly design the experiments.

2) Develop a mixed flowing gas (MFG) test systemand the experimental method for testing the standard copper and silver couponsfor corrosion tests, and for testing coupons of printed circuit board(PCBs).

3) Design and perform the experiments to determinehow increasing the relative humidity or temperature, varying the relativehumidity, and applying electrical voltage to the test PCBs would affect thecorrosion of copper and silver materials when they are exposed to differentcombinations of air pollutants including SO2, NO2, H2S, O3, and Cl2.

4) Based on the results of this research, developrecommendations to be considered in future revisions of the ASHRAEenvironmental design guidelines for data centers located throughout theworld.