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The principle objective of RP-851 "Grease Extraction and Removal From Exhaust AirStreams of Cooking Processes" is to develop a grease extraction protocol which willaccurately and repeatable characterize grease emissions with the goal that the efficiencyof grease removal devices may be accurately determined. Task 1 of this project consistedof performing a literature review of previous grease removal protocols being utilizedinternationally. Task 2 involved developing the preliminary protocol verifying itsrepeatability and sensitivity, and finalizing the grease extraction protocol. Task 3determined the grease removal efficiency of three devices by measuring the greaseemissions from each and comparing it with grease emissions from baseline testing. Thisreport documents the completion of Task 3. This is the final report for the project.Sections on the regulatory issues and background material have been repeated here forcompleteness. The final report on Tasks 2 and 2 has been included as Appendix C of thisreport.