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A fourth-order state-variable digital model of a residence heated with electric unit heaters was developed. The model included a five-parameter building model, three-parameter nonlinear thermostat models representing two types of line voltage thermostats, and a lumped first-order electric heater model. The overall system model was verified with extensive field data of varied climatic conditions from five instrumented and occupied residences located in three northwestern states covering the heating seasons of 1993-1994 (hourly data) and 1995 (five-minute data). Comparisons of 17 simulations with the results of field measurements validate the simple model with regard to short- and long-term dynamics and the ability to predict inside temperatures and heating consumption when driven by the same outside temperature histories. The superior regulation of the electronic thermostat was demonstrated by the 1995 field test data and confirmed by simulation.

KEYWORDS: year 1996, calculating, electric heating, housing, energy consumption, comparing, electricity consumption, room temperature, heat flow, measuring.