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This fifth edition of AASHTO's "Green Book" contains the latest design practices in universal use as the standard for highway geometric design and has been updated to reflect the latest research on superelevation and side friction factors as presented in NCHRP Report 439. New exhibits in Chapter 3 will help designers to quickly and accurately determine the side friction factor used for horizontal curve design, the superelevation rates for various curve radii, and the minimum radii with normal crown for each of the five maximum superelevation rates. The book features:
  • 418 Exhibits, tables, and drawings;
  • Dual units (metric and U.S. customary) throughout;
  • Larger format to provide easy-to-read text and graphics;
  • Available on CD-ROM (single-user version);
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • Discusses the new AASHTO Bicycle Guide and AASHTO Pedestrian Guide;
  • Incorporates research from NCHRP Reports 375, 383, 400, 420, and 439.

Chapter 1: Highway Functions
Functional Classification, Functional System Characteristics, Functional Highway Systems in Urbanized Areas.

Chapter 2: Design and Controls Criteria
Design Vehicles, Driver Performance, Highway Capacity, Access Control and Management, The Pedestrian, Bicycle Facilities, Safety, Environment, Economic Analysis.

Chapter 3: Elements of Design
Sight Distance, Horizontal Alignment, Vertical Alignment.

Chapter 4: Cross Sections Elements
Pavement, Lane Widths, Shoulders, Horizontal Clearance to Obstructions, Curbs, Drainage Channels and Side Slopes, Illustrative Outer Cross Sections, Traffic Barriers, Medians, Frontage Roads, Outer Separations, Noise Control, Roadside Control, Tunnels, Pedestrian Facilities, Bus Turnouts, On-Street Parking.

Chapter 5: Local Roads and Streets
Local Rural Roads, Local Urban Streets, Special Purpose Roads.

Chapter 6: Collector Roads and Streets
Rural Collectors, Urban Collectors.

Chapter 7: Rural and Urban Arterials
Rural Arterials, Urban Arterials: General Design Characteristics, Access Management, Bikeways and Pedestrian Facilities Operation Control and Regulations, Provisions for Utilities, Public Transit Facilities.

Chapter 8: Freeways
General Design Considerations, Rural Freeways, Urban Freeways, Elevated Freeways, Ground Level Freeways.

Chapter 9: Intersections
General Design Considerations and Objections, Capacity Analysis, Alignment and Profile, Islands, Turning Roadways with Corner Islands, Free-Flowing Turning Roadways at Intersections, Superelevation for Turning Roadways at Intersections; Traffic Control Devices, Intersection Sight Distance.

Chapter 10: Grade Separations and Interchanges
Introduction and General Types of Interchanges, Warrants for Interchanges and Grade Separations, Adaptability of Highway Grade Separations and other Interchange Design Features.

Please Note: The "Immediate Download" version of this publication contains two PDF files totalling approximately 24megabytes in size.


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