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This paper presents a comprehensive research study on the energy efficiency test standards for household refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers. The standards studied include the Australian-New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS), the Interna-tional Standard (ISO), the American National Standard (ANSI), the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), and the Chinese Taipei National Standard (CNS). The paper highlights the salient differences among these test standards and presents energy consumption data for some standards. In order to study the practicality and weaknesses of test standards, various refrigerator-freezers were tested under varying test conditions of AS/NZS and ISO to quantify the effect of different variables (e.g., ambient air temperature, relative humidity, cabinet inter-nal air temperature, cabinet size and variance) on the energy consumption. The effect of relative humidity on energy consumption was found to be marginal, whereas the energy consumption increased significantly, as expected, with cabinet size, ambient air temperature, and door openings.

Units: SI