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Full Description

AIAA S-117A-2016 establishes a set of requirements for planning and executing verification programs for commercial/noncommercial manned and unmanned space systems.

This standard enforces the "distributed" verification program among general space system builders that engage in the development of any components of a space system, starting at the lowest level (i.e., unit/piece part level) and the earliest phase (i.e., requirement phase) through to the sell-off and the consent-to-ship of a system?s development as well as the launch site activities.

Although space systems generally include all or combinations of five segments-Space Segment, Launch Segment, Ground Segment (GS), User Segment, and Satellite Control Network Segment-this standard primarily addresses verification associated with space segment, launch segment, and ground segment acquisitions. Launch segments including range safety, ground support equipment, and launch operation facilities, which are not otherwise addressed in this document, may also benefit from the described verification management processes.

The standard may be adapted to the remaining two space systems: the user segment and the satellite control network segment.

Document History

  1. AIAA S-117A-2016


    Space Systems Verification Program and Management Process

    • Most Recent
  2. AIAA S-117-2010e

    Space Systems Verification Program and Management Process

    • Historical Version