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About This Item


Full Description

1. Purpose

This standard establishes a method of determining a fan’s octave band sound power levels. When all method requirements are met, the reproducibility will be defined in accordance with Annex D. 

2. Scope

This standard is intended to apply to fans of all types and sizes. It is limited to the determination of airborne sound emission for the specified setups. Vibration is not measured, and the sensitivity of airborne sound emission to vibration effects is not determined. The size of a fan that can be tested in accordance with this standard is limited only by the practical aspects of the test setup.

In this standard, sound power levels are determined using sound intensity measurements on a measurement surface that encloses the sound source. Guidelines are provided on suitable test environment acoustical characteristics, the measurement surface and the number of intensity measurements. Test setups are designated generally to represent the physical orientation of fans as installed following ANSI/AMCA Standard 210 and used in ANSI/AMCA Standard 300.


Document History

  1. AMCA 320-23

    👀 currently

    Laboratory Method of Sound Testing of Fans Using Sound Intensity

    • Most Recent
  2. AMCA 320-08 (R2013)

    Laboratory Method of Sound Testing of Fans Using Sound Intensity

    • Historical Version