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The mission of ACI 370 is to develop and report information on the design of concrete structures subjected to blast, impact, and other short-duration dynamic loads. A Blast Blind Simulation Contest was sponsored in collaboration with American Concrete Institute (ACI) Committees 447 (Finite Element of Reinforced Concrete Structures) and 370 (Blast and Impact Load Effects) and UMKC School of Computing and Engineering. The goal of the contest was to predict the response of reinforced concrete slabs subjected to a specified blast load using a variety of simulation methods.

Over 40 entries were received from researchers and practitioners worldwide; the competition was open to methods used in both research and practice. This SP is a result of all the papers that were submitted and reviewed in accordance with ACI peer review requirements. In this SP, there are three papers from academic researchers and six from industry personnel, providing a healthy cross section of the community that works in this area.