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Full Description

Specifies requirements for sterilizers using ethylene oxide/ dichlorodifluoromethane 12 percent/88 percent m/m sterilizing gas mixture, for use in hospitals and similar applications. This sterilizing gas mixture minimizes sterilizing gas explosions and allows articles which are sensitive to heat to be sterilized. The sterilizers are used in conjunction with an aeration cabinet complying with AS 1862. Guidance on information to be supplied with enquiries and orders, installation, operating procedures, standards for hospital sterilization, monitoring the process, testing and monitoring, maintenance, properties and calculations of ethylene oxide, and bibliographical references are given in appendices.

Document History

  1. AS 1714-1990

    👀 currently

    Sterilizers - 12/88 ethylene oxide - Hospital use

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  2. AS 1714-1975

    Ethylene oxide sterilizers (Using Ethyleneoxide/Dichlorodifluoro-methane 12%/88% m/m Sterilizing Gas Mixture) Metric Unit

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