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Full Description

The acoustical performance of an occluded ear simulator is specified. This device is designed to simulate the acoustical behavior of the ear canal between the tip of an ear mold and the eardrum, including the acoustic impedance at the eardrum of a median adult human ear. The occluded ear simulator is intended for transducers that are sensitive to acoustic load. It is also suitable as the basis for extensions intended to simulate the complete ear canal and the outer ear (e.g., head and torso simulators). Specific physical realizations of the ear simulator are described.

Document History

  1. ASA S3.25-2009 (R2024)

    👀 currently

    American National Standard for an Occluded Ear Simulator

    • Most Recent
  2. ASA S3.25-1989 (R2003)

    American National Standard for an Occluded Ear Simulator

    • Historical Version