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This paper is the second of two papers that report on theresults ofASHRAEResearchProjectRP-1468.Accuratebuildingperformance analysis is necessary for designing highperformancesustainable buildings. This paper discusses theanalysis of selected test cases conducted to arrive at mappingrules. The test cases presented include alternative modeling ofcurved facades; alternative modeling of an arched windowwith shades; and the analysis of the alternative location ofthermal surfaces with respect to the outside face, centerline,and inside face of an exterior wall. The test cases were modeledusing Building Information Models (BIMs) and buildingenergy simulation (BES) tools, and simulations wereperformed. A Rapid Analysis of Energy Simulation Results(RAESR) spreadsheet tool was developed to support thecomparison of simulation results. The development processand tools used to conduct the analyses are provided in the finalthree-volume report so theymaybe of use to other researchers.