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Describes test performed in two rooms, one thermally light, the other thermally heavy, to investigate the influence of the thermostat location on thermal comfort and energy consumption. The ability of three thermostat types to maintain a constant equivalent temperature was tested for two thermostat locations, one traditional location on the wall, the other close to the centre of the living space. During each test free heat (from lights and simulated people) was varied according to a preset and repeatable schedule. The equivalent temperature was recorded at two points close to each of the two thermostat locations. The maximum variation of the equivalent temperature was calculated after each test. The main finding was that temperature variation in the living space can be reduced when the room thermostat is removed from the wall to a location within the room. Gives the results of field tests in the Danish parliament and Royal theatre.

KEYWORDS: Thermostats, testing, thermal comfort, energy consumption, Denmark, temperature, room temperature, rooms, theatres, site testing.