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This National Standard of Canada (NSC) addresses system design and installation requirements for radon mitigation in existing low-rise residential buildings (see 3.37).

This standard provides diagnostic methods, design and installation instructions, and acceptable materials and product specifications, to maximize the radon reduction capacity of the system.

This standard is specific to radon gas emanating from soil gas sources. This standard does not address specific mitigation techniques for radon from other sources (see Annex C).

The scope of this NSC may include but is not limited to provision of requirements, specifications, guidelines and characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services used in the radon mitigation of existing low-rise residential buildings are fit for their purposes.

This standard is intended to support Canadian regulation and may be used to support operational compliance for radon certification/qualification programs or to assist in preventing deceptive practices in the marketplace.

The testing and evaluation of a product against this standard may require the use of materials and/or equipment that could be hazardous. This document does not purport to address all the safety aspects associated with its use. Anyone using this standard has the responsibility to consult the appropriate authorities and to establish appropriate health and safety practices in conjunction with any applicable regulatory requirements prior to its use.