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1 Scope

1.1 This standard provides guidance for developing policies, procedures, processes and documentation that support the continuing reliability, accuracy and authenticity of electronic records to:
a) ensure that electronic records can reliably support business decisions and exchanges of commitments;
b) support the admissibility and the weight of electronic records in legal proceedings; and
c) protect the capability of electronic records to effectively document an organization?s decisions, actions, and
transactions and to hold accountable those who are responsible for them.

1.2 This standard applies to organizations that make, receive, capture, maintain, manage, use, transmit, dispose or store recorded information electronically, and to private and public sector activities, irrespective of whether such activities are undertaken on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis.

1.3 This standard is intended to ensure that electronic records in records systems are trustworthy. Typical users include
a) managers of private and public sector organizations;
b) IT systems and records management professionals;
c) legal professionals and those responsible for security services and risk management; and
d) other individuals responsible for creating (i.e. making or receiving, or storing) and maintaining an organization?s records.

1.4 This standard outlines methods for the management and preservation of electronic recorded information that are regarded as best practices independently of legal considerations. Therefore, organizations conforming to this standard benefit even when evidentiary issues are not in question.

1.5 In addition, this standard provides guidelines for
a) a procedural framework supporting quality practices in records management; and
b) identifying and implementing appropriate measures to protect the evidentiary value of electronic records, including their incorporation within records and IT systems design and management processes.

Document History

  1. CAN/CGSB 72.34-2017

    👀 currently

    Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence

    • Most Recent
  2. CAN/CGSB 72.34-2005

    Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence

    • Historical Version