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Full Description

This PDF includes GI #2.

1. Scope


This Standard, except as noted in Clause 1.2, applies to all liquid-filled transformers, autotransformers, booster transformers, load-tap-changing transformers, grounding transformers, phase-shifting transformers, series-voltage regulators, and shunt reactors. Notes: (1) The term ""transformer(s)"" in this Standard refers to the overall unit and not just to the electrical components implied by the definition. (2) In general this Standard is written in reference to two winding transformers, although many requirements will be recognized to be common to multiwinding transformers, autotransformers, load-tap-changing transformers, shunt reactors, and series-voltage regulators. Where there are special requirements for these (other) transformers, there are sections contained herein specifically addressed to them.


This Standard does not apply to the following: (a) distribution transformers (CSA Standard C2, Single-Phase and Three-Phase Distribution Transformers, Types ONAN and LNAN); (b) instrument transformers (CSA Standard C13, Instrument Transformers); (c) dry-type transformers (CSA Standard C9, Dry-Type Transformers); (d) pad-mounted transformers (CSA Standard C227 Series of Standards); (e) submersible transformers (CSA Standard C301 Series of Standards); (f) three-phase network transformers (CSA Standard C199, Three- Phase Network Transformers); (g) rectifier transformers, welding transformers, furnace transformers, starting transformers, testing transformers, or current-limiting reactors. Note: In the above list the pertinent CSA Standard number has been noted where such exists. Where no CSA Standard exists, this Stan dard may be used insofar as it applies.

Document History

  1. CSA C88:16 (R2021)

    Power Transformers and Reactors

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  2. CAN/CSA C88-M90 (R2014)

    👀 currently

    Power Transformers and Reactors

    • Historical Version