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For the 1985-1986 school year, 14 public schools and community colleges throughout Florida were monitored to determine their hot water use. Twenty-three pulse-output water meters were installed in these 14 facilities to determine the quantity and time of hot water use for cafeterias, showers, and other school facilities. Data were obtained for elemenetary, junior high/middle, and high schools as well as community colleges. Flow data were recorded every 15 minutes, stored temporarily in on-site recorders, and transferred weekly by telephone interrogation to a research institute's personal computers.

Data on hot water use in gallons per day per student are presented for each category of school, and comparisons are made with pubished ASHRAE recommendations. Typical time-of-use patterns as well as maximum hourly demand rates are shown for the facilities monitored. An unexpected finding was the significant unexplained usage measured in a number of schools. This wasteful usage, along with all other data, is discussed and recommendations are suggested.