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About This Item


Full Description

This Standard covers packaged non-potable water reuse systems for wastewater or greywater that are intended for treatment applications and have a capacity of 10 000 L/d (2650 gal/d) or less.

This Standard also covers site-assembled components included in package non-potable water reuse systems.

This Standard specifies test methods for evaluating the performance of the package plants and minimum requirements with regard to
(a) materials;
(b) design and construction;
(c) treatment performance;
(d) markings; and
(e) instructions and other documentation.

This Standard specifies two different levels (Class A and Class B) of treated reclaimed water quality. The requirements of Class A are more stringent than those of Class B (see Clause 5.9.1). The authorities having jurisdiction are responsible for determining the appropriate class of reclaimed water for each non-potable purpose.

Document History

  1. CSA B128.3:23

    Performance of non-potable water reuse systems

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA B128.3-12 (R2021)

    👀 currently

    Performance of Non-Potable Water Reuse Systems, Includes Update No. 1 (2018)

    • Historical Version