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Full Description

CTA CEB18 sets forth a series of PROVISIONS that collectively constitute a FEATURE SET outlining TERMINOLOGY and INDICATORS to determine TRANSMIT and OPERATIONAL STATUS of Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDs) and facilitate ease of operation in controlling transmitters in T-PEDs to aid in managing their use in sensitive electronic environments. For the purposes of this Recommended Practice, T-PEDs are considered to be handheld mobile communication or computing devices for sale to the general public that intentionally transmit a radiofrequency (RF) wireless signal.

This Recommended Practice outlines inter-related PROVISIONS that together constitute a FEATURE SET, where the features are understood to be implemented collectively and in their entirety for all wireless technologies used in a product. Conformance assumes satisfaction of all PROVISIONS in the FEATURE SET collectively, and non-conformance assumes any one or more of the PROVISIONS have not been satisfied.

This Recommended Practice addresses wireless technologies that are defined in technical and/or industry standards and widely available in consumer products (e.g., CMRS / cellular network systems, WiFi, Bluetooth). Developing wireless technical standards or wireless technologies not yet common in consumer products (e.g., UWB, 802.15.4, WMTS) are not addressed in this revision, but they are mentioned and might be addressed in subsequent revisions. Wireless technologies as described in this Recommended Practice are broadly classified into categories; it is not the intention here to provide a detailed description of the RF signal or technology subtype1. Infrared transmitters and receivers are not covered by this Recommended Practice.