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Cooling towers are subjected to varying water chemistry and environmental conditions, and require protection from these elements. The major source of cooling tower corrosion is the warm circulating cooling water, which contains dissolved and suspended solids. The most common material used today for this purpose is galvanized steel, providing protection to both the interior and exterior of the cooling tower. Although galvanized steel has been successfully used for many years to protect cooling towers, a competent water treatment program must be employed to protect and maintain the galvanized steel. The following document reviews the galvanizing process, the means of corrosion, and the recommended measures to protect cooling towers from corrosion.

Document History

  1. CTI WTG-142 (12)


    Treatment of Galvanized Cooling Towers to Prevent White Rust

    • Most Recent
  2. CTI WTG-142 (94)

    Treatment of Galvanized Cooling Towers to Prevent White Rust

    • Historical Version