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About This Item


Full Description

Essential Guidance for Designing Duct Systems

Duct Systems Design Guide gives engineers and other design professionals the tools to design properly sized duct systems to minimize fan energy consumption, system-generated noise, and the installed cost of ductwork.

Nearly every facet of duct design is covered in detail in this guide: duct layout, fitting selection, system leakage, acoustics, equipment selection, and more. Chapters dedicated to selection and comparison of duct design methods for commercial and industrial duct systems cover the equal friction method, the static regain method, and the constant velocity method. Online access to spreadsheets in Microsoft® Excel® format that can be used to design commercial and industrial duct systems using these duct design methods is also available with this book. The guide also discusses duct system materials and the impacts they have on design and system efficiency, as well as fan-duct system interaction and using the ASHRAE Duct Fitting Database (DFDB).

Duct Systems Design Guide is a best-practices reference for HVAC engineers and designers seeking to develop more energy-efficient, accurate, user-friendly, and cost-efficient HVAC systems. The information detailed in this guide is useful for entry-level engineers and designers who are first learning about duct design fundamentals and also serves as a tool for more experienced engineers and design professionals wishing to refresh their design knowledge.


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