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This standard test method provides a test method to measure the electrical resistance of static control footwear and footwear systems with a person.

This standard test method relies on electrical resistance measurements utilizing common electrical instruments to provide a means of evaluating footwear. This standard excludes foot grounders (i.e., heel straps, toe grounders, sole grounders, and booties).

Document History

  1. ESD STM9.1-2022

    Footwear and Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization

    • Most Recent
  2. ESD SP9.2-2019

    Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization (excluding static control footwear)

    • Historical Version
  3. ESD STM9.1-2014


    Footwear - Resistive Characterization (excluding foot grounders)

    • Historical Version
  4. ESD STM9.1-2006

    Footwear-Resistive Characterization

    • Historical Version
  5. ESD SP9.2-2003

    Footwear-Foot Grounders Resistive Characterization

    • Historical Version