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This paper describes the use of a thermal manikin for measurements of thermal comfort.The manikin consists of 16 independently heated sections, which measure and control the skin emperature o the comfort level. The control system of the manikin simulates the correct skin temperature and heat loss related to he section —or on average —to the person being in thermal comfort.

The manikin is placed at different locations in a room ventilated both by mixing ventilation and displacement ventilation. The air velocity, temperature, and the temperature gradient are measured at the locations of the thermal manikin. It is possible to express the thermal comfort at he locations of the manikin as an equivalent homogeneous temperature (EHT) and to measure the EHT of the 16 elements.

The primary part of the work consists in estimating global comfort and local discomfort from the measurements in the test room. Local discomfort caused by draft and by a temperature gradient in the room ventilated by mixing and displacement ventilation is compared with measurements of the largest difference in he EHTs measured by the manikin (?EHT). The paper shows some indications of a relation between the calculated percentage of dissatisfied versus ?EHT for the two different air distribution systems.

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