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Full Description


The scope of this standard is the definition of a universal framework/footprint and pin configuration utilizing IEEE 1505 receiver-fixture interface (RFI) framework and connector specifications for portable and benchtop test applications. The pin configuration defined within this standard shall apply to commercial, aerospace, and military automatic test equipment (ATE) testing applications.


To provide a standardized universal test interface input/output (I/O) framework and pin configuration to enable the interoperability of compliant interface fixtures (also known as interface test adapters, interface devices, or interconnection devices) on multiple ATE systems utilizing IEEE 1505 receiver-fixture interface (RFI) in portable and benchtop configurations.


New IEEE Standard - Active. Portable/benchtop test equipment applications are supported in this document by defining a mass interconnection scheme and pin configuration based upon IEEE Std 1505(TM)-2010 and IEEE Std 1505.1(TM)-2015. Particular emphasis has been placed on defining a more specific set of performance requirements than is defined by IEEE Std 1505-2010 and IEEE Std 1505.1-2015. These performance requirements are in the areas of the pin configuration, specific connector modules, and respective contacts.