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This document provides alternative approaches and practices for design, operation, maintenance, integration, and interoperability, including distributed resources interconnection of stationary or mobile battery energy storage systems (BESS) with the electric power system(s) (EPS)1 at customer facilities, at electricity distribution facilities, or at bulk transmission electricity facilities. This standard involves BESSs and applications meeting the requirements of IEEE Std 1547(TM)-2018 on distributed resource (DR) interconnection. IEEE Std 1547(TM)-2018, IEEE Std 2030-2011, and other IEEE standards related to DR or battery are indispensable for application of this standard.


This standard is intended to be used by BESS designers, operators, system integrators, and equipment manufacturers. It provides an introduction of engineering concerns of BESS, identifies key technical parameters, engineering approaches, and application practices requirements of BESS, and its operation and maintenance (O&M). It addresses not only electric power concerns but also the directly related communications and information technology concerns for BESS and applications integrated with electric power systems. Implementation of this guide will assist in the standardization of BESS applications.


New IEEE Standard - Active. Application of this standard includes: (1) Stationary battery energy storage system (BESS) and mobile BESS; (2) Carrier of BESS, including but not limited to lead acid battery, lithiumion battery, flow battery, and sodium-sulfur battery; (3) BESS used in electric power systems (EPS). Also provided in this standard are alternatives for connection (including DR interconnection), design, operation, and maintenance of stationary or mobile BESS used in EPS. Introduction, overview, and engineering issues related to the BESS are given.