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This standard is applicable to - Dielectric tests with direct voltages - Dielectric tests with alternating voltages - Dielectric tests with impulse voltages - Tests with impulse currents - Tests with combinations of the above - Capacitance and dielectric loss measurements This standard is applicable only to tests on equipment with a rated voltage above 1000 V. Procedures are given for applying correction factors to convert test data to standard atmospheric conditions. This standard also specifies procedures for testing equipment when external insulation of the test object is to be subjected to dry, wet, or contaminated conditions.


The purpose of this standard is to - Define terms of general applicability - Present general requirements regarding test equipment and procedures - Describe methods for evaluation of test results


Revision Standard - Inactive-Reserved. Standard methods and basic techniques for high-voltage testing applicable to all types of apparatus for alternating voltages, direct voltages, lightning impulse voltages, switching impulse voltages, and impulse currents are established in this standard. Sections that deal with alternating voltage, direct voltage, and impulse testing are combined in this revision to organize the technical content for ease of use. In addition, the concept of measurement uncertainty in evaluation of high-voltage and high-current tests is introduced in this version.

Document History

  1. IEEE 4-2013

    👀 currently

    IEEE Standard for High-Voltage Testing Techniques

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 4-1995

    IEEE Standard Techniques for High-Voltage Testing

    • Historical Version
  3. IEEE 4-1978

    IEEE Standard Techniques for High Voltage Testing

    • Historical Version