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This standard provides the following two types of information to the developers of layer-, sublayer-, or resource-specific management specifications: a) Definition of common management information such as attributes, managed object classes, packages, behaviours, and encodings of information used by LAN/MAN Management. b) Common procedures required for specification of LAN/MAN Management, such as relationships to otherre common management information specifications and methods for registering management information within IEEE 802 standards. This standard provides assistance and guidance to the developers of LAN/MAN management specifications that will — Reduce duplication of effort by identifying commonly useful definitions and procedures. — Encourage consistency between such specifications. — Encourage the development of such specifications in a manner that will ensure compatibility with LAN/MAN Management specifications (ISO/IEC DIS 15802-2, ISO/IEC 8802-3 Amendment 11, and ISO 7498 : 1984) and with ISO/IEC 9595 : 1991 and 9596-1 : 1991.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. Management information and procedures applicable across the entire family of IEEE 802 LAN/MAN standards within the architectural framework for LAN/MAN Management specified in IEEE Std 802-1990 are identified. Common management information, such as attributes to represent MAC address and managed objects to represent configurable gauges, are specified. The need of developers of LAN/MAN management specifications for common procedures to develop, describe, and register management information is addressed.