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The scope of this project is to augment the capabilities of the IEEE Std 802.3 standard with 4-pair power and associated power management information. The project will augment the methodology for the provision of power via balanced cabling to connected Data Terminal Equipment with 802.3 interfaces. Optional augmented power limit will be made available for certain structured cabling systems. Improvements introduced for 4-pair systems, excluding raising the power limit, are optionally enabled for 2-pair systems. Compatibility with existing equipment will be maintained.


Adoption Standard - Active. The maximum Powered Device (PD) power available is increased by this amendment to IEEE Std 802.3-2018 by utilizing all four pairs in the specified structured wiring plant. This represents a substantial change to the capabilities of Ethernet with standardized power. The power classification information exchanged during negotiation is extended to allow meaningful power management capability. These enhancements solve the problem of higher power and more efficient standardized Power over Ethernet (PoE) delivery systems.