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Designing succesful lighting systems for modern industrial facilities is a complex task. Careful consideration should be given to all of the following criteria since any one single issue, or combination of several, can have a significant impact on the flow of the manufacturing processes and the productivity of the workers.

The quality of illumination

The quantity of illumination

Lighting required for safety

Selection of lighting equipment to achieve the necessary quality and quantity, as well as the mechanical performance required to meet installation and operating conditions

Equipment installation for safe, easy and practical maintenance without risk to people, plant facilities or equipment

Energy, economic and operating characteristics of the system

The Recommended Practice includes detailed information on each of the criteria, discusses light source and luminaire characteristics, and lighting needs for specific visual tasks within the industrial environment.

Document History

  1. IES RP-7-21

    Recommended Practice: Lighting Industrial Facilities, Includes Errata 1 (2021)

    • Most Recent
  2. IES RP-7-20

    Recommended Practice: Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version
  3. IES RP-7-17

    Recommended Practice for Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version
  4. IES RP-7-01

    👀 currently

    Lighting Industrial Facilities

    • Historical Version