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IoT applications range from the minimal to an integrated array of sensors and devices managing the operation of an entire industrial plant. The devices may be as simple as a temperature sensor or as complex as a gas turbine. Diagnostics may be as straightforward as a low battery indicator or as complex as an AI-driven machine-learning program that predicts the required maintenance cycle of an integrated process. Regardless of the scale or complexity of work, IoT starts with sensors (standalone or embedded in other devices) that collect and send data to various computing devices. These devices may process the data and/or transmit it to other computers or devices within the system. The data may be accessed by human decision makers and/or further processed for display. Additional logic may generate diagnostics about, or return control commands to, the device.

This guidebook aims to answer some of the most pertinent questions, which may already be on the mind of business partners, pump original equipment manufacturer (OEM), systems suppliers, consultants, end users, or service providers.