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Full Description

This International Standard specifies the types, dimensions, material, manufacture and designation of rungs for dog-step ladders; it also lays down the installation and composition of single rungs forming a dog-step ladder.

Dog-step ladders, formed from single rungs, may only be used where fixed vertical ladders with stringers 1) cannot be installed. Dog-step ladders fitted to the ship's structure should serve only to bridge minor differences in height.

Dog-step ladders as specified in this International Standard may also be fitted to marine structures other than ships to serve equivalent purposes.

1) For example, as specified in ISO 3797:1976, Shipbuilding — Vertical steel ladders.


Document History

  1. ISO 9519:2023

    Ships and marine technology - Single rungs and rungs for dog-step ladders

    • Most Recent
  2. ISO 9519:1990

    👀 currently

    Shipbuilding and marine structures -- Rungs for dog-step ladders

    • Historical Version