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Full Description

This standard defines the process necessary to design, install, and operate a thermoplastic-lined oilfield pipeline. The design process includes an assessment of the service conditions, materials of construction, chemical compatibilities of liner materials with any service fluids and additives, pipeline geometry, and risk analysis. The installation process includes site surveys, pipeline preparation, insertion, termination, pressure testing, reburial, and safety. Operation of a lined system must take into consideration the service fluids, materials of construction, safety and environment, commissioning, normal operation, de-pressuring, and upset conditions, and inspection for liner integrity.
The subject liners are installed in the field after construction of the steel host pipeline is completed. The host pipeline must be capable of bearing the entire pressure load of the operating pipeline. The liners may be installed in new pipelines to prevent corrosion, or in existing pipelines for rehabilitation purposes. The liners consist of a free-standing thermoplastic pipe that is inserted into the existing steel host pipe and is designed in such a way that the liner pipe does not require the use of a third material to fill any gaps between the liner and the host pipe.
This standard is not intended to replace detailed procedures specific to the installation method developed by installers, nor is it intended to replace pipeline operating instructions developed by operators. It is intended to set minimum requirements for performance within the scope of these procedures and instructions. This standard is not intended to apply in all cases relating to the subject. Unpredictable circumstances can negate the usefulness of this standard in specific instances.
This standard is not applicable to thermoplastic pipes (often referred to as liners), that are inserted into a host pipe, but are required to contain the pressure of the service without the host pipe.


Document History

  1. NACE SP0304-2023


    Design, Installation and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines

    • Most Recent
  2. NACE SP0304-2016

    Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines

    • Historical Version
  3. NACE RP0304-2004

    Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines

    • Historical Version