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Full Description

This standard test method provides guidance on the specification, selection, and use of sensors for monitoring atmospheric corrosion that are based on electrochemical techniques. The sensors may be used like more traditional mass loss coupons or painted test panels, but these sensors provide continuous records of contaminants, corrosion rates, or coating condition over time as opposed to singular cumulative measurements of mass loss or coating degradation. This method permits instantaneous evaluation of corrosion rates so that situations where changes in environmental conditions cause changes in the corrosion rate can be detected in real time. It addresses the use of electrochemical sensors in a bare metal condition or with protective coatings. It encompasses sensor elements for measurement of free corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and conductance for assessing atmospheric corrosion.

Document History

  1. NACE TM0416-2023/ISO 22858-2020

    Corrosion of metals and alloys — Electrochemical measurements — Test method for monitoring atmospheric corrosion

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  2. NACE TM0416-2016

    👀 currently

    Test Method for Monitoring Atmospheric Corrosion Rate by Electrochemical Measurements

    • Historical Version