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ASHRAE Guideline 1.2 provides criteria for commissioningHVAC systems in existing buildings. This paper describesthe facilities examined, commissioning measures implemented,and measured savings from commissioning existing buildingsat two campuses of a community college in Texas. It will serveas an example for potential energy efficiency measures to beimplemented and the impact of those measures. Measuredsavings are determined at the whole-facility level by analyzingutility bills before and after implementation of the measures.Measured savings from the project are $1,048,414 for a 456 dayperiod at one campus. This represents 33.1% savings for electricaluse, and 28.7% for electrical demand. Measured savingswere $84,213 for 272 days at the second campus representing14.1% savings for electrical use, 1% savings for electricaldemand, and 45.0% savings for natural gas.