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Many buildings have problems with the performance and durability of their envelopes largely related to inadequate control of air leakage. The discovery of the shortcomings in achieving the expected performance is often only realized when the building is in operation, even though many problems can often be predicted simply by review of the construction documents. Buildings with envelope problems are rarely in imminent danger of collapse, but by not fulfilling their intended purpose and increased operating and repair costs, they can become a liability. Building owners and operators are further affected by litigation over comfort, health, and safety issues. The Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Insulated Structure Technique, PERSIST, is recommended by Alberta Public Works in the design of new buildings. This approach is also recommended for the retrofit of existing buildings with serious envelope problems. This paper discusses the PERSIST design concept and some of the construction details and methods that enhance its application.

AUTHOR: Chris B. Makepeace, Barrie T. Dennis
CITATION: Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Buildings VII
KEYWORDS: December, Florida, 1998
YEAR: 1998