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Traditional techniques for stairwell pressurization have been prescriptive in nature, based primarily upon maintaining a design pressure differential between stairwell and adjoining floor air pressures. These specifications are defined for static, steady state (operation). Sometimes compensatory mechanisms to supplement air during use of stairwell doors are specified as well. No occupant related performance measures have been developed due to the lack of techniques for measuring stairwell air contamination resulting from opening of stairwell doors. Because of advances in tenability analysis, it is now possible to calculate resulting tenability in air spaces due to smoke infiltration. The results of this project can be used to analyze the performance of popular techniques for smoke control in stairwells.

Principal Investigator: John H. Klote, John H. Klote, Inc.

Conducted: June 2001 - June 2002

Sponsored by: TC 5.6, Fire and Smoke Control