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Analyzing and interpreting building performance data to inform operations and maintenance is critical to the realization of energy efficient, high performance buildings. With the advance of technology hardware and software for buildings, there is an increasing amount of available data to inform building operations, maintenance and management. However, facility management personnel have limited time and resources and need concise metrics, visualizations, and information in order to support their daily operations and decision-making. Recent works, such as ASHRAE's Performance Measurement Protocols in Commercial Buildings, have focused attention on the metrics relevant to tracking building performance. The research described in this report seeks to expand such investigations to consider visualization of operational metrics focused on an audience including facility managers, control technicians, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians, facilities service providers, and commissioning engineers.

The ultimate goal is to provide recommendations about data-driven metrics and interfaces so that they clearly quantify and communicate building operational performance for a diverse set of building stakeholders. This report provides these recommendations and summarizes the activities conducted to arrive at them. These activities included: surveying relevant metrics, visualizations and software interfaces; interviewing building operations staff and supporting personnel; and creating mock up interfaces that research participants reviewed. The body of the report goes into detail about each task and how these tasks informed the recommendations. This executive summary describes the core recommendations of the research with only a brief overview of how these recommendations were arrived at through the project tasks.