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The thermal performance of fenestration in commercial buildings can have a significant effect on building loads--yet there is little information on the performance of these products. With this in mind, ASHRAE TC 4.5, Fenestration, commissioned a research project involving test and simulation of commercial fenestration systems. The objectives of ASHRAE Research Project 877 were: to evaluate the thermal performance (U-factors) of commonly used commercial glazed roof and wall assemblies; to obtain a better fundamental understanding of the heat transfer processes that occur in these specialty fenestration products; to develop correlations for natural-convection heat transfer in complex glazing cavities; to develop a methodology for evaluating complex fenestration products, suitable for inclusion in ASHRAE Standard 142P (ASHRAE 1996); and to generate U-factors for common commercial fenestration products, suitable for inclusion in the ASHRAE Handbook--Fundamentals. This paper describes testing and simulation of pyramid and barrel vault skylight specimens and provides guidelines for modeling these systems based on the validated results.

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